Startech Canada 2ft Coiled Lightning USB Cable (USBCLT60CMW)


Charge your iPad or iPhone inside its car mount – 2 ft USB to Lightning Cable – 2ft Coiled USB to Lightning Cable – 0.6m Coiled Lightning Cable – 60cm Charge and Sync Cable – White USB to Lightning Cable – Compact design fits nicely inside any carrying case

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Charge your iPad or iPhone inside its car mount

This coiled Lightning cable delivers the compact convenience you need to keep your mobile devices charged while you’re driving, without cluttering up your car.

Charge your car-mounted iPad or iPhone

Simply plug the cable into your USB car charger and stretch it out to connect your mobile device when you need to charge it. You can extend the cable up to 2 ft (0.6m), to comfortably reach your car-mounted tablet or phone.

Store your Lightning cable without clutter

When you’re not charging your mobile device, you can neatly store this compact cable in your car’s storage console or glove box. Plus, it’s portable enough to keep it in your laptop bag or carrying case, so you can have it handy when you arrive at your destination and use it as a conventional charge-and-sync cable.

The USBCLT60CMW coiled Lightning cable is Apple MFi certified and backed by’s 2-year warranty.

The Advantage

– Ideal for close-range connections – great for charging in your car
– Lightweight, portable cable, suitable for carrying as an iPad or iPhone accessory
– Guaranteed reliability

Additional information

Weight .95 lbs
Connector 1


AWG wire size


RoHS compliance



26 g

Jacket material

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Connector 2 form factor


Package weight

73.2 g

Colour of product


Cable length

0.6 m

Package depth

170 mm

Package width

150 mm

Package height

20 mm



Cable shielding

Aluminum mylar foil

Connector 2


Connector gender


Connector 1 form factor


Connector contacts plating


Quantity per pack