Thermaltake V2 S w W0425NU 500W N PFC (VN85521N2U)


Gather all the high-end computer components in the market and put them together inside the Thermaltake V2 S ATX Mid Tower Case. This remarkable chassis is built to house powerful parts such as ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards. Today’s demands for high-definition entertainment is drastically increasing. That’s why the Thermaltake V2 S ATX Mid Tower Case is designed with 3x 5.25″ and 7x 3.5″drive bays, so you can install multiple hard drives and optical drives to support your growing storage needs. With its 2x front USB 2.0 ports, it’s very easy to integrate USB-capable devices to your system. It even includes 500W power supply to power up all connected computer parts and peripherals. Purchase the Thermaltake V2 S ATX Mid Tower Case today! Overseer RX-1 features latest internal USB 3.0 header so you get convenient USB 3.0 access right on the front of the case. HDD Docking Station – another way Thermaltake is leading the revolution on how data are transferred. HDD docking station enables blazing-fast and effortless data transfer to any bare 2.5″ or 3.5″ SATA hard drive without the need for an enclosure. Enthusiasts Water Cooling Ready – spacious interior is only the bare minimum when it comes to water cooling. Overseer RX-1 features an innovative top removable panel that can be easily transformed to accommodate high-efficiency 24cm radiator! Massive Cooling Capability – In addition to the two oversized 200mm fans with Blue LED Lighting and one 120mm rear exhaust fan, enthusiasts who demand additional cooling can install two additional 200mm fans and even another 120MM fan in the bottom. Heightened Foot Stands – to get the maximum air intake or exhaust, Overseer RX-1 elevated the entire case so air intake or exhaust will not be interrupted when the system is placed on the floor with carpet. | 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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